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Bless  God !!



July 19 - 23 2017

Campmeeting Conference:

Serving the Servant

Reaching out to First Nation Ministries ,to strengthen and support those in active ministry!

More info to come...

More info to come ...


Pastor Rose Graham will be with us on March 2, 2019

to speak with the ladies! Please join us, ladies, for a great time of fellowship and ministry.

Service begins at 9 - 10am with snack and fellowship;

followed by ministry of the word! beginning at 10am.


Fall Rally Service

With Guest Speaker, Pastor Larry Graham with Rose Graham

Sarturday Septemeber 29th at 6pm


JANUARY  28 -28




Harvest Dinner Fundraiser

Saturday, October 28 @ 5pm. Held at the Evangelistic Centre. Tickets $25ea.
Come join us for a fantastic delicious meal !

Bi- Rally Service

April 29th (@6pm)and Sunday, 10 am. April 30th.

Brother Charles Nahwegahbo from Sucker Creek First Nation.

Charles has been ministerung for many,many years. He is a fluent objiway speaker and often preaches in ojibway and english.

Come be blessed by a seasoned man of God !

Guest Speaker: Pastor Brian Horrobin

Brian Horrobin, married for 26 years to Ruth and together they have 5 children (all serving the Lord). He has pastored at First Baptist Church in Wallaceburg for the past 24 years. Brian graduated from Tyndale Seminary in 1989 with his Master of Divinity degree, after completing a Bachelor of Science degree in biology from the University of Windsor. His hobbies include running, soccer, reading, and spending time with family. He is an avid Cleveland fan in baseball and football, but follows the Toronto Maple Leafs in hockey and the Detroit Pistons in basketball. 

Saturday, January, 28th – 6pm

September Services:  September 15th - September 18th, 2016

Thrusday and Friday 7 pm; Satuday and Sunday 6pm nightly

With Guest Speaker:                 Pastor John Gwatney

John and Sherry Gwatney have been married and in the ministry together for 43 years. They have served as pastors of Mission Lighthouse Church in Iuka, Mississippi for the last 30 years.  Pastor Gwatney has been privileged to speak in leadership conferences and Bible Colleges in 10 countries as well as across the United States. He has written three devotional teaching books and a Christian novel.

July Rally

Guest Speaker:  Pastor Bram Brouwer; Shiloh Ministries, Wallaceburg, Ont.

Saturday, July 30th. 6 pm

come hear a great man of God !

Upcoming events


April 30, 2016  at 6 pm

Guest Speaker: 

Pastor Leona Wright-Segee from Voice of Triumph Ministries, Chatham Ont.


Special Rally Service

Guest Speaker: Larry Graham, senior Pastor at Grace Ministries in Windsor

Please join us for a great night of God's Blessings!

Grace Ministries began in 2000 and continue to flourish as the Lord Leads. They focus on being a ministering body in the Windsor area Blessing the Body of Christ Everywhere

Saturday February 6

Fund Raiser Pancake Breakfast.

9am -  11am.

Testimony time as well. Sister Gussie Ematinger will share how the Lord has keep her through all her health challenges.


We are beginning our prayer and fasting on February 7. Looking for the Lord to break through on Easter Sunday. We NEED to be revived! It starts with ME ! Come join us in prayer, supplication and fastings . It is a generation that needs the Church to arise and let God break the chains that bid our communities, cities and countries!.

June 27th:

Family Fun Day    11am - 4pm: BBQ, games , karoke, challenges, Fellowship for everyone! Please join Us !!

August 29th:

Rally service with guest Speaker; Murray Shawnoo. Pastor of the Victorious Faith Fellowship Church in Kettle Point.

Service begins at 6pm. Come and share what God is doing in you !


Sept. 11 - 12: 

Solemn Assembly. This event is where all come together to seek the Lord for a 24 hour period. Not all can stay for the entire time but all are invited to seek God for direction Instruction and intimacy with Him. we begin at 6pm Friday evening and close arounf 6pm Saturday night.  great things have been accomplished at previous assemblies!






May 30, 31, 2015

Guest Speaker: Dr. Don Bartlette


 Don, a First Nations boy born with severe speech and physical handicaps has experienced poverty, child abuse, family violence, homelessness, racism and alcoholism. All this he lived in his youth. Don’s story has been shared on Focus on the Family, 700 Club, 100 Huntley Street and many others.  Come and be challenged, inspired and blessed by the providence of God in Don’s life


Dr. Don Bartlette has been a full-time public speaker for over forty years. He has appeared before local, state, national, and international groups and conferences. A Native American activist, he is by training a social worker, counselor, educator, consultant, and advocate for minority persons, victims of child abuse, survivors of alcohol addiction, troubled youth, and persons with disabilities. He is married to a former special education teacher, and they are the biological parents of seven daughters and one son. Together, they have also fostered multiple children including those with special needs. His presentations have been heard countless times and have gained footing via television and radio broadcasts, videos, recordings, a stage production, and a movie currently under consideration.

" Macaroni at Midnight" is an autobiographical profile of Dr. Bartlette's social, psychological, and educational experiences as a Chippewa Indian child growing up with emotional, speech, and physical disabilities in an environment of poverty, violence, juvenile delinquency, homelessness, child abuse, racism, and alcoholism. It relates how one person in his community helped him overcome childhood disadvantages and live and survive in a multicultural world.




April 16 - 19. 

End time Prophesy: What is Past, what is Future

Guest Speaker : Pastor Marvin Simmons



Marvin and his wife Norma Jean has been in ministry with and to First Nations people for many, many years throughout North America.

A believer for many years, Marvin has:

Graduated from Conquerors Bible College, Portland, Oregon. Has planted churches in Tacoma, Washington, Dawson Creek, B.C, Vancouver, B.C. and Winnipeg, MB
60 years of ministry as a Pastor, Evangelist and Teacher.

For more information: please call Pastor Joey at 519 627 8285 or Ed Gilbert at 519 332 0933.

SERVICES BEGIN April 16,17 18 19

Thursday, Friday Saturday at 7pm.  Sunday at 10 am and 6pm.

Pastor Joseph will present an overview of the Foundations of the faith.  First, the attributes of God, and secondly the phase of Salvation. Come be blessed.

Jan. 2.

Solemn Assembly  -

24 hr. gathering of seeking the Lord for His direction for the year.

DECEMBER 6th, 2014


Biblical Perspective on Inner Healing: A journey towards wholeness

Your past and present experiences and circumstances don't have to be the determining factors

 to your future. Jesus Christ came to heal the brokenhearted and set the captives free !

Where: evangelistic Centre.  When Saturday, Dec. 6th. 8:30 am- 3pm

Continental breakfast serve 8:30 Sessions start at 9 Lunch served at noon.

Registration is required to this event with a 5 dollars charge to cover costs.

The Month of November is Preparation month ! 

What is that you say? so glad you asked? we have set the month of November to present many different aspects of preparation in the Lord. Evergy message given by all the speakers will be given with the theme of preparation. We believe the Father is about to move in a powerful way in the next year, to accomplish what He has set purposes to. So we will make preparations for God to move in and through us !



November 9th

The Evangelistic Centre family will be honoring our Police and Fire departments with a dinner for them and their families. We want to give back just a little of what they give us everyday ! We support our front line workers in prayer everytime we gather at church and when there is something going on. We thanks God for the privilege of having such community support here at Walpole Island. Its a great opportunity to share Gods riches blessings.


September 7th and 14th  

Missionary Ted Hyslop will be ministering at the Centre. From Northern Ireland, He came to Canada to announce revival in the Land. !  Come and hear the Word of the Lord !

August 31, 2014  

Roma Fisher Senior Pastor of Faith City Church and Host of Spirit Alive TV outreach.



Roma will be delivering the Word as well as updating the church on the staus of the Spirit Alive TV ministry

August 16,17

Anniversary Celebration 60 years of ministry of W.I.E.C.

Some kodac moments of the Anniversay Celebration  !